The Location

The Wonders of Life Pavilion is located on the East side of Future World in Epcot. It opened in 1989 and features a variety of attractions focused on health, fitness and the human body including Body Wars, Cranium Command and The Making of Me. In 2004 it closed and is only scheduled to open seasonally, causing the space to be unused for the majority of the year. The theme of this pavilion is important to the experience of Future World but is not represented well with the increase of thrill attractions that surround it, which leaves this open to update.

Many fear the ever increasing amount of intense "un-futuristic" rides that have been opened in this area such as Test Track, and most recently Mission: Space. This is a debate for another time, but I feel that the East vs. West Future World is an excellent way to seperate the experiences offered by different types of attractions. Also, if Imagineering were to remodel (or re-invent) the "Innoventions" building and add that to the current updates to Spaceship Earth, the land could be re-focused into a NEW vision of the future, as Walt originally once conceived. Convert the attractions in the East into thrill rides that explore the technologies of the present and how they will influence the future. Allow the West to develop into a collection of milder attractions that explore the aspects of the world that inspire technology. Then, focus the center of Future World into a fantastic vision of the future, experiences that go beyond what is offered in the East & West.

This rejuvination of Epcot is obviously happening as this is being written, but it has resulted in the inspiration for this new attraction and theme. Continuing to educate guests on health, fitness and the human body, Super Human will bring a new experience to the technologies and wonders that Future World East provides while offering an E-ticket thrill ride.

The new attraction will be added on to the existing building, in an attempt to not completely remove the original vision of Epcot, Future World and its architecture as it was conceived by Imagineers in the early years.