The Idea

Before I open the sketchbook and let the flow of visualizations explode out of my imagination and onto paper I created a story for this attraction. Not only should the idea be inviting for many thousands of guests but also inspirational enough to me to draw something worth coming to. I thought of moments from within The Incredibles visual library and story that could capture the sensation of the movie as well as remind guests of iconic moments from the film.

- Omnidroid 9000 - the robotic beast controlled by Syndrome and ultimately defeated by the Incredibles
- Syndrome and his mysterious island and facility for developing "super" machines
- The massive wall of lava that opens into the control room and holding cell for trapped super heros
- Spinning blade flying machines that chase Dash through the dense jungle
- 1950's meets the future stylized architecture and objects including the mono-rail with spherical cars

With these simple little thoughts identified, quickly a story evolved.

-- SUPER HUMAN! Featuring The Incredibles --

Come, be one of the first to tour a brand new facility which proves, once and for all, that ANYONE can have Super Powers! After barely surviving a terrible cape incident involving an airplane and an infant child, Syndrome has once again emersed himself in work and has re-developed the Omnidroid 9000, along with many other human controlled devices. You are invited to a once-in-a-lifetime demonstration that will convince you that you do not need physical "super" powers like The Incredibles to become "Super Human" yourself!

... for his demonstration, Syndrome has managed to capture Frozone. As he proceeds to the testing room where Frozone is being held captive (so that he can be released to do battle with the newly refurbished Omnidroid) he is shocked to find that The Incredibles have arrived without his knowledge and have quickly released Frozone. Angered, Syndrome hurriedly chases the Supers in and out of the island facility while trying to control a variety of updated machinery with his new-and-improved wrist mounted control pad. He has decided to give up on jet propelled boots (and a cape) after his infamous incident with Jack-Jack. In the end, Syndrome once again falls to the will and determination of The Incredibles who use not only their physical abilities but mental strength to overcome the frustrated villain.

Guests ride on fast moving vehicles (that resemble a production facility golf-cart type tour car... but drastically 'futurized') and are guided by an animatronic Syndrome. The scenes are made drastically more realistic through the use of 3D glasses and massive video screens which emerese guests into a believable world of The Incredibles.

A post-show of "edutainment" kiosks will allow guests to interact with a variety of demonstrations of real-life devices, training mechanisms and examples of how humans have managed to make themselves "super human" (ie: athletes who train themselves for specific events, evolution of the human body, prosthetics, health seminars, physical endurance tests, etc.)

Following the post-show guests will exit the facility through a gift shop, a juice/energy bar and a meet & greet with characters from The Incredibles.

-- SUPER HUMAN! Featuring The Incredibles --

So now with this story, my sketchbook can be opened.