The Thought

So with this new project I was presented with a problem (in the same way all great designs begin). There were many questions that needed immediate answers. So it began. What should I imagine? How big should I dream? What should I draw? What do I need to demonstrate with it? What should I build? Who should it attract? Who should it inspire? Where should it go? What is it's story? Who will hate it? Who will love it? What should it look like? How will it work? These questions are endless and are still being continuously asked (along with many more) throughout this process. Yet I managed to yield some early and suprisingly successful results.

1. A single attraction ride (allowing for rendered perspectives, plans, logos and signage, stylized vignettes and a centralized concept, theme and story)
2. E-Ticket
3. New ride technology
4. Thrill ride meets Pixar
5. Replace unused attraction... Wonders of Life
6. Continue with same theme of "body" and "life" while introducing new Pixar characters... The Incredibles (super powers) (also there are no unveiled plans for an attraction featuring The Incredibles)
7. Edutainment, explorative/interactive post-show... how you (and developers) can create the "super" body
8. New name... Super Human!
9. Artistic and Architectural style... Future World @ Epcot meets 1950's vision of the future
10. Story... the return of Syndrome and his own personal attempts at fabricated super powers

So in a few minutes my imagination was able to conceptualize this project, to my own suprise, and has left me very excited at the possibilities. Soon you will see an old and unused (but still very much loved) attraction be regenerated into an amazing new ride experience that will continue the development of Future World and fit nicely along the line of rejuvinated attractions (Mission: Space & Test Track).

Farewell Wonders of Life. Welcome Super Human!