The First Concept

The early concept for the building developed by looking at the building that was featured in the movie - Syndrome's "lair" (the one that Mr. Incredible has to break into). The exterior and interior were adapted to suit the Epcot experience, but the architectural style seems to suit the area and blend nicely between Universe of Energy and Mission: Space. It's 50's vision of the future meets the twentieth century appearance does not completely break away from the Future World plan, but instead introduces another concept to the possibilities of buildings to come.

The building must include the following:
- FastPass Distrubution
- FastPass Return
- Seperate FastPass Queue Line
- Stand-By Entrance
- Stand-By Queue Line
- Vehicle Load
- Ride:
- Intro + Frozone Escape
- Omnidroid + Robot Control Room
- Mr. Incredible battle (breaks virtual hole in building)
- Dash battle (takes place in virtual outdoors at virtual high speed)
- Frozone battle (through volcano and lava flows)
- Violet battle (in jungle)
- Elastagirl battle (return indoors to orb mono-rail station)
- "Incredibles" battle that destroys Omnidroid and Syndrome
- comedic Jack-Jack finale
- Vehicle Un-Load
- Interactive Edutainment kiosks
- Gift Shop + Energy Juice Bar
- Exit